Billy Looper

How To Build A Dream Lifestyle With Network Marketing Without Any Experience!

The Value of Residual Income

Six years ago, Billy Looper started a network marketing business with a partner, parallel to his real estate business in South Florida. A busy professional, Billy didn’t have a lot of free time, so he concentrated on mentioning his new opportunity every time he met someone new. Fascinated with the concept of leverage, he was able to communicate this unique benefit to spark other entrepreneurial minds. Being a coach for his softball team, he knew how to teach people and hold them accountable. This gift, combined with excellent mentorship from his sponsor, allowed Billy and his team to rapidly grow a large international organization. Today Billy enjoys a lifestyle he wants many more people to experience, and a level of prosperity that allows him to give from the overflow.

Growing Interest

Billy had been in real estate for about twenty-five years when he first got involved in network marketing. The first fifteen years he was an appraiser in Atlanta, Georgia. The last ten years he ran his own a brokerage firm in Florida. That’s where he became friends with Randy Gage: Billy was Randy’s real estate broker, and they also played softball together.

“Randy had told me about network marketing,” says Billy, “but I wasn’t interested. I had a Master’s degree in real estate and urban affairs, and all my experience had been in real estate. That was my passion. I had just sort of dipped my toe into…

Billy Looper

Billy Looper

Welcome to Billy Looper


I’ve re-landscaped the front yard, I’ve re-arranged the closets, and I’ve cleaned out the garage.  I’ve had houseguests, I’ve had travel plans, and I’ve had deadlines and commitments.  I’ve had softball games, college basketball games, and workouts. I’ve had every excuse in the book and my friend and business partner,RandyGage, is tired of them all.  He’s been bugging me for months now, “When are you going to get your blog up and running?”  For months…every other day…and he doesn’t just nag…he’s vicious.  Challenging my character and talking about my Mother as well!

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